Welcome to my world of Crochet, where you will find a variety handmade creations. Such as Beanies, pocket scarfs, baby items and Wine/Beer Cozies.


Cyndi Kanehailua

About Me

Welcome to Crocynwithwine! My name is Cyndi but go by Cyn, I’ll be 49 this year, married for 28 years and three grown kids! 

I love to crochet, make beanies, cozies and baby blankets.  When I do crochet, I just go with what my heart feels, with my glass of wine, air buds and design away.  I started with beanies and scarfs for many years, afgans for family members.  It’s 2021 now, slowly recovering from 2020. Let’s keep this simple and not talk about that horrible year.  

Who am I?  When not crocheting, I’m focusing on saying No to negative vibes and just take my business one stitch, one sip at a time! I Live one day at a time, now that my kids are grown I’m focusing more on myself mentally, physically, spiritually finding me again.  

 I’m all about my health, healing from Depression and Anxiety, and other Health issues.  I am an one woman shop, so I create, crochet, marketing to shipping.  I also my own boss “. I say who, I say when, I say who”! (Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman)

My shop theme is Wine Tasting through colors of yarn, but now that I’m a Glamma I do unicorn like colors too.  I will be selling what I make as I make and go from there.   Special ordering is on request basis only and must allow time to make to get the best quality.  I look forward to getting to know you all this year and I will have a newsletter and email list so you can be the first on what is coming out and get your pre-orders in before I publish live.  I’m not perfect in this one lady doing it all business, but I am perfect in loving myself and what I do.  

Thank you and God Bless,

My Why and Mission

“My Mission for Crocynwithwine is be able encourage, engage, and educate others to believe creations are an endless possibilities.” “I’d like To be able to share my Why I chose “withwine” To everyone I meet.” “To be real On a personal level and know your important too. I encourage all to feel free to interact with me I will on a weekly basis.” Most importantly my personal mission statement…“To help others live, love, and that Crochet/Knit and wine is a temporary escape from your Family busy lives.”

Wine Glass Cozies

Crochet Patterns

This is Digital Crochet Pattern Only and not the actual Item.

This pattern is Non Refundable due to it being Digital PDF.

Once Payment is confirmed, Digital PDF will be sent to you via Email.

So please include your Name, Address, Phone and Email when purchasing.

This Chula Blanket Cozy is made to fit Universal Tumblers and cups based on the size hook and yarn used.

Crochet Beginner Friendly, easy to make and follow.

Questions Please feel free to email me at

My Crocynwithwine creations and finished products are made in Los Angeles County, California.  All shipping will be shipped from Gardena, CA and for those whom live locally can pick up in Gardena, CA.  

Crocynwithwine store hours:

Monday - Friday

9 a.m - 6 p.m


10 a.m - 3 p.m.